Building an evidence based practical guide to Large Scale Interventions


An evidence based practical guide to effective use of Large Scale Interventions, by Tonnie van der Zouwen.
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A complex world requires strategic collaboration to achieve meaningful results and sustainable development. How do you manage that? Learn more about the approach with
Large Scale Interventions




In een complexe wereld is strategische samenwerking nodig, voor zinvolle resultaten en doorgaande ontwikkeling. Hoe bereik je dat? Hoe organiseer je betrokkenheid en eigenaarschap bij belanghebbenden?
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Large Scale Interventions

Dr. Tonnie van der Zouwen MCM is building this online practical guide to LSI.


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Praktijktraining participatie en betrokkenheid organiseren, 7-9 maart 2018

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"I have shared my vision, so now we have a shared vision"

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