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The Toolbox choosing a Large Group Intervention method comprises a
mindmap with an overview and 9 charts for LGI methods, with a summary of characteristics, applications and conditions for success.


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Open Space Technology                           

"At the very least, Open Space is a fast, cheap, and simple way to achieve better, more productive and sensemaking meetings."

Open Space Technology (OST) mobilises the knowledge and experiences of a large number of participants (5-1000) who are dealing with complex problems in a one, two or three day conference. The originator, Harrison Owen, concluded together with the participants of an international conference that the truly useful part had been the coffee breaks. Was it possible to combine the level of synergy and excitement present in a good coffee break with the substantive activity and results characteristic of a good meeting? (Owen, 1997:3)

OST offers minimal structure and is the most unstructured form of Large Group Interventions. But this does not mean that there was no engagement. On the contrary, OST appeals to the passion and sense of responsibility of the participants and works well in areas where there is conflict, confusion and/or a large diversity of interests and cultures, in cases of organisational change, capacity development and networking, for example. For more information on OST, see Tips.

A global network of people works with OST. On the OSLIST they have lively discussions on OST topics, sharing experiences and knowledge.

The four principles of Open Space, figure from presentation of Harrison Owen

A summary of characteristics and usage (click to enlarge):


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Open Space World

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Open Space Technology: A User's Guide

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