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The Toolbox choosing a Large Group Intervention method comprises a
mindmap with an overview and 9 charts for LGI methods, with a summary of characteristics, applications and conditions for success.


download the Toolbox choosing an LGI method


Real Time Strategic Change (Whole Scale Change TM)      

Real Time Strategic Change (RTSC) is the most flexible LGI-method. The use of terminology in the literature is a bit confusing. Some people say RTSC is an LGI, some say it stands for the whole LSI-process. However, the design of the process is custom made and has been built in collaboration with the design group or planning group and the sponsor. The composition of the design group mirrors the stakeholder groups. Because of its high flexibility an RTSC process can be combined with research by experts and all sorts of other methods and arts, while paying reverence to the principles of LSI. See Tips for more info about RTSC. In the literature about RTSC the "change formula" is often used as a condition for success:

D x V x F > R 

(The Dissatisfaction with current situation multiplied by the Vision of possibilities and taking First Steps must be greater than the Resistance to change)

Water board "De Dommel" followed an RTSC process to make new arrangements for fringe benefits, in line with the management team’s goal to become one of the best employers in the Netherlands. Ruud Viergever (secretary-director): ".......The major benefit is in the process of collaboration between the MT and the employees, through the commitment and involvement of employees in contributing to the thinking process and making choices together. We developed a common language .......". Read more in the article MT in de fishbowl (in Dutch).

A summary of principles and usage of RTSC:



Book:Whole Scale Change

by Dannemiller Tyson Associates

Whole-Scale Change: Unleashing the Magic in Organizations

Book: Whole Scale Change Toolkit

by Dannemiller Tyson Associates

Whole-Scale Change Toolkit

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