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The Toolbox choosing a Large Group Intervention method comprises a
mindmap with an overview and 9 charts for LGI methods, with a summary of characteristics, applications and conditions for success.


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The World Café                                 

"We learn, adapt, and bring forth our worlds through the networks of conversation in which we participate". - Humberto Maturana -

What if most work gets done through informal conversations? Where do you have the most meaningful and valuable conversations? Often it is in an informal and relaxed setting, with "your feet up", such as in a café with friends, or near the coffee machine with colleagues. The method of The World Café makes it possible for groups of all sizes to have conversations about issues that really matter, in a relatively short period of time. This can be during a global conference of professionals (see pictures below), representatives of companies from several countries, various groups in a community. The seven guiding principles of a World Café:


In a Café-style ambiance, with an inviting atmosphere, where you feel welcome and comfortable, people have conversations in small table groups about a theme or question. A powerful question, that matters to everyone, is a fundamental condition for success, as is meeting "new" people, by changing tables in several rounds. A table-host connects the successive conversations. After several rounds of conversations the facilitator helps to share discoveries and insights in a whole group conversation. It is in this town-meeting style conversations that patterns can be identified, collective knowledge grows, and possibilities for action emerge. More about this method: see sources.

An impression of the World Café during the Global Forum 2005 of the Society for Organisational Learning (SoL) in Vienna :
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Juanita Brown principles programme making appointments

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A summary of principles and usage (click to enlarge):


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The World Café

An Overview and Invitation (pdf)


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