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LSI in general
  • Profound description of LSI: history, underlying theory, principles, and working elements
  • Guidelines for effective use, with illustrative stories
  • Tools for assessment of preconditions and process
  • Instrument for evaluation of effectiveness of past LSIs
  • Description of research process for building an evidence based guide to participative interventions
  • Definition of 'sustainable change'
  • Collectieve intelligence
  • Description of Large Group Interventions
  • Design stepps
  • How to work with a design team
  • Logistics tips
  • Preventing "death by feedback" in Large Groups
  • Interesting site with methods and tips for conversations in Large Groups
  • Articles and links to websites about the principles of LSI
Future Search

  • Description LGI method Future Search

  • Conditions for success

  • Stories and photos of FSs from all sectors and all continents

  • Network activities

Open Space Technology

  • World map with facilitators

  • Tools and tips for Open Space

  • Books and videos
  • Open space Technology World Community
  • Portal to networks on Open Space Technology
  • Blogs, events ands tools
  • Brief user guide to Open Space, by Harrison Owen
  • Example of application of Open Space in large companies
  • Fascinating story of the experience of Kenny Moore with an Open Space in Top-500 company
The World Café

  • Method World Café

  • Guidelines and sources

  • Links to events and networks

RTSC/ Whole Scale Change
  • Description method Whole Scale Change
  • Cases
Other LGI methods
  • Case studies, three short descriptions of change trajectories in companies, using the Conference Model©
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